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Time Game Player Wager Multiplier Profit
23:34 Wheel 0x2c...3d 32x0.33 0.92 1.5
23:34 Land 0x8f..60 32x0.33 0.92 -1
23:34 Wheel 0x32...4a 32x0.33 0.92 0
23:34 Land 0x2c...3d 32x0.33 0.92 2
23:34 Wheel 0x32...4a 32x0.33 0.92 0.66
23:33 Land 0x67...7d 32x0.33 0.92 8
23:33 Wheel 0x67...7d 32x0.33 0.92 -1
23:33 Land 0x2c...3d 32x0.33 0.92 1.5

Jade Token

Get $JADE now and start compounding your stack.
$JADE is a deflationary debasing token through which users can interact with the whole ecosystem.

Entire supply, across holders and LPs, reduces rapidly each block resulting in constant price appreciation and rewarding early holders.

The more volume bet, the faster supply is reduced.

Jadlers can stake their tokens to protect from reduction and receive multiple rewards.
Stake and Play on our +100% RTP games.